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Treating customers fairly at CESL


CESL is committed to treating our customers fairly. We know that trust has to be won and our system needs to be improved and that growing trust will take time.


We have an ambition to become the best and most trusted energy supplier in the UK, we can only succeed if we consistently live up to our commitment to deliver fair value and better service, and by making energy less complicated for our customers.


We have not built up years of mistrust and bad behaviour and wish to provide our customers with good conduct right from the start. Our industry regulator Ofgem has now made the commitment to fairness a requirement for all energy suppliers. 


We at CESL welcome the introduction of these standards as we are a fairly new energy supplier we offer a fresh approach so we believe customers will experience a new improved consistency of treatment for all customers. 


The treating customers fairly statement provides you with more information about these standards and the main actions we are taking to deliver fair outcomes for our CESL customers.


Ofgem has published a set of guidelines explaining what they expect.  You can read these by clicking here.


How we're working to ensure we treat you fairly


We want to treat every customer fairly. 

We provide many ways for customers to contact us and manage their accounts. Our customers can email us, or call us to speak to an advisor here in the UK, and in the near future they will be able to access and manage their account online whenever they need to.

We have a Trust Test to make sure we meet the Standards of Conduct. It means that when we create new policies, processes, products or communications, we ask ourselves ‘is this the right thing to do for our customers?

Then we ask five more questions:

  • Is this a fair thing to do?
  • Are we being professional?
  • Are we offering products, services and advice appropriate for our customers’ needs?
  • Are we being transparent and communicating clearly?
  • Are we being honest? This includes admitting mistakes and acting quickly to put things right


High standards for every customer

Customers want high standards and delivering them is our priority, sales teams, customer service, accounts, billing, metering engineers and readers all have an impact on how we deliver a high standard to our customers we help them give customers the same high level of service whenever, and however, they get in touch with us through continuous training and monitoring. We also give our staff incentives to focus on quality and compliance – not just based on how many calls they can make, or the number of tariffs they can sell.

Tackling complaints head on

CESL has been taking on customers since March 2016 so we have not experienced a high volume of issues or complaint’s, we have dealt with any customers issues without delay so as to avoid a complaint.


Avoiding or ignoring issues will bread complaints so by tackling any issues reported to us by a customer without hesitation to a good conclusion is just the beginning, we then look to build out the issue by identifying why the issue arose and putting in place robust procedures remove the issue.


We expect anyone who works for us to have the same high standards as our own. So we’ve put extra quality checks in place on sales that go through third parties to make sure that’s the case. We will only work with selected third parties we believe are fair and adhere to Ofgem’s Standards of Conduct.

Fair Value

Fairness in action

Our three promises to our customers are to give them fair value, better service and simplicity. We use these commitments to ensure we’re putting them first. Here are some specific ways we’re continuing to do this: 

We launched a new Savemore tariff’s for our PrePay residential customers. Customers on this deal can fix their prices for a year and there is no exit fee if they ever want to change tariff or supplier.  This deal has been very popular because it has been consistently the cheapest on the market since March 2016.

If a customer leaves us and their balance is in credit, we do our best to make sure they get that money back – even if they left us a while ago.


Better Service

We are consistently working on and improving our online priority services page for residential customers who need extra help. It helps customers get advice on finding the best tariff for them, cutting the energy they use, managing their money and checking they’re getting the right benefits. It’s also for people with special requirements (e.g. partially sighted or disabled customers) and gives them the option to sign up to our priority services register – so we’ll know they might need some extra attention.

We’re have and continue to work with local government agent’s to help vunerabl customers get onto the best prepay tariffs and we have reduced some customers energy costs by 30%.

We continue to improve our response to complaints by focusing on their root causes - what may have happened in our system or process so we can then identify if either needs to change. We’re working hard to keep individual customers informed about what we’re doing to resolve their issues.




In 2017 we expect to introduced a new online customer account managing system

Customers will be able to change their tariff and let us know they’re moving house online.

Our website is simple and easy to access and simple to understand just a few clicks and you can navigate your way throughout the website.

Smart metering is coming and this will simplify the energy industry allowing our customers to control their usage through monitoring their usage

If You Smell Gas Call   0800 111 999

If you have any queries please contact us:

029 2225 0340

or email


Or use our contact form.


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