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Cardiff Energy Supply Limited (CESL)

We are a Cardiff based company and all our direct employee's, directors and managers all live and work in Cardiff or within commuting distance.


The company was setup in May 2014 and gained its licence's to sell Gas and Electricity in October 2014.  


The reason the company was set up was because the I 'the owner' had been ill for some time (2 years) and had been claiming benefits.  Although I had my own home and ran a small building business prior to being ill, I never had a lot of money in the bank and so being on benefits soon proved to be a financial problem.  


Bills kept coming that I could not pay and two of those were my Gas and Electricity bill's, they both mounted up until I was forced to have a pre-payment meter, it was at this point I was introduced to the inequality of the energy industries practices between the have's and the have not's. 


I was paying around 40% extra for my gas per/kwh than I had been and paying back the unpaid amount on top of that.  I asked myself why? why am I and other people in my position being charged more for the same gas whilst on a pre-payment meter than I was when I was on Direct Debit payments.  I looked at the costs overall and found that the daily charges for a standard meter and a pre-payment meter are covered by the Daily Standing Charge so why the extra cost being added to the gas?


To-date the best explanation I can come up with is connected to the maximum sum an energy company can askto be repaid on back debts around £2.84 per week, this means that a customer owing £300 to the energy company would take approximately 106 weeks or just over 2 years to pay the money back.  


Most businesses want to get their money back quicker thats understandable but energy companies are restricted on how much they can recover per week, whereas the energy company is not restricted in anyway on how much they charge for the gas they sell.  


Selling the gas at a higher rate to the customer on a prepayment meter means that the companies profit is higher than Direct Debit resulting in the cashflow coming in faster to replace the gap that debt makes and they also continue to collect the debt over time.  The result is the prepayment customer is paying the penny and the bun and the energy company collects the penny and the bun.


 This is wrong and I am out to change this inequality.



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